Garden Security Tips

Garden Security Tips

June, 2019

Garden security can sometimes be forgotten so our guide below will hopefully help and provide some simple and affordable things that can be done. Potential thieves are looking for the easiest option so making things that little bit more difficult can be all it takes to put them off.

Looking at the security and layout of your garden can help to protect items in it and your home from crime.

To ensure that you can enjoy your garden and feel safe please follow our simple garden security tips:

  • Take pictures and make an inventory of all garden equipment including make, model and serial numbers.
  • Mark all your garden equipment in a highly visible manner, such as using a permanent security marker, showing your name, house number and postcode.
  • Sheds typically contain, tools, bikes and gardening equipment, so secure the doors with padlocks and hasp and staples.
  • Hinges should be fitted to sheds using coach bolts. You could also fit an alarm to the shed.
  • A good idea is a lockable chest to store chemicals and valuable equipment.
  • To increase the security to the garden invest in movement sensitive lights, sturdy gates and locks and plant prickly shrubs in vulnerable areas.
  • Gates should be solid and the same height as the fencing. These can be secured using sliding bolts, hasp and staples with padlocks or purpose built rim locks or even digital locks.

If you would like any further advice or would like to discuss your garden security Contact Us today.

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