Leeds is a city in the Northern English county of Yorkshire, England. Located in West Yorkshire, it is located halfway between London and Edinburgh and has multiple motorway links including the M1, M62 and A1(M). It is the most dangerous city in West Yorkshire and is second overall against West Yorkshire 118 towns, villages and cities. The overall crime rate in Leeds in 2021 was 153 crimes for every 1000 people, with West Yorkshire’s overall crime rate being 36% higher. When it comes to England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Leeds is the most dangerous major city as well as being 169th most dangerous location in the UK.

Crime Statistics in Leeds

December 2021 saw Leeds as having the worst crime rate for bicycle theft, with 60 crimes reported. In December 2021, Leeds was also seen as the most dangerous area for burglary and 400 crimes were recorded. 694 reports of criminal damage and arson were recorded in Leeds during December 2021, this made the area’s crime rate 1.4 and the worst place for criminal damage and arson in West Yorkshire that month.

Some of the most common crimes in Leeds are violence and sexual offences, this includes 33,738 offences during 2021, giving it a crime rate of 66. This is 17% higher than 2020’s figure of 28,780 offences and covers a difference of 9.70 when looking at the stats from 2020. The least common crimes in Leeds include possession of weapons – there were 741 offences recorded in 2021.


Theft is a common issue in most major towns and cities, including Leeds. Break-ins are frequent and include an intruder entering a property, they usually have the intention of stealing personal items and belongings, with valuables being top of their list. This can be anything from mobile phones, computers to taking home appliances and jewellery.


The most common time for burglaries to take place is from 3pm to 7pm on a weekday, students have shown that the most common day is usually a Tuesday, however burglars can target you any time through the week.

Burglary Repairs
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The most common places for burglaries to take place is:

Your home – whether you live in a flat, an apartment or a house, it’s one of the easiest targets for criminals who are looking to break in and take your belongings. Criminals will usually target houses that have gardens, as it gives them more opportunity to access the property as well as a place to wait for the perfect time.

Shops – thieves will target busy shops that are full of people and have lots of goods on display. They will try places like this instead of quiet empty shops with no people around, the busier the better for them as the more likely they will be seen. Criminals may work in twos, one will distract the staff and the other will steal goods from behind the counter or from stock rooms.

Vehicles – criminals will look out for unlocked cars that have been parked on residential streets or closeby to busy shops. It’s important to make sure that you lock your car every time it is unattended.

Break-ins are common, especially in Leeds, and can happen to anyone, with this in mind it’s important that you consider protecting your property and ensuring that it is as safe and secure as possible. When it comes to your property it can involve investing in a quality locking system on all of your windows and doors. A good lock can help to prevent burglars from breaking into your home easily and make it much more difficult for them to gain access and entry to your home. Here at Leeds Lock Doc we provide a range of lock changes, lock repairs and lock fitting services, what’s more is we only use top of the range locks and components, ensuring the safety of your home.

Other good security measures include installing an alarm system, they will alert you if anyone tries to break into your home whilst you are away or sleeping at night, so you can call the police immediately. If you don’t have a CCTV, alarm or a security system installed, it can make it much easier for burglars to break into your property.

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