When summer is in full swing and hot weather can be enjoyed in the garden or on holiday it is easy to forget simple security measures to make sure we keep our property safe from crime.

This Leeds Lock Doc article provides some simple steps you can follow to keep your home safe.

  • Always check that your windows and doors are locked before you leave the home. This sounds very simple but a large amount of break ins are through an unlocked door. Always double check before you leave.
  • If you have an alarm always set it. This can be easily forgotten when you are rushing around or trying to get everything ready for your holiday.
  • Ask a neighbour to use your driveway whilst you are on holiday. This will give the appearance that someone is home and help to deter thieves.
  • Ask a family member or friend to pop round and pick up any mail you receive whilst away. This helps to prevent the easy sign that the house is empty with a pile of letters that have not been picked up.
  • Leave some lights on. This will make it look like there is someone home.
  • Don’t post your holiday on social media, save you images and post them when you get home. It is very easy for people who you do not know to see you are on holiday and know your house is empty.

If you would like any further advice about summer security or you would like one of our free security checks to ensure your home is secure before you go away Contact Us today. You can also check out our winter security advice here.