As the darker nights draw in and nights are longer, burglaries increase. Home security becomes even more important to ensure those special Christmas presents are kept safe.

During winter insurance claims peak every year with home burglary rates and accidents increasing. Most burglars are looking for an easy target and the cover of darkness makes life a lot simpler for them.

Burglaries not only cause a financial loss but they also cause stress and emotional trauma, as well as property repairs.

Brisant Ultion Lock Offer

To help reduce costs during an expensive time of year we are providing Two Brisant Ultion Locks supplied and fitted for only £130 during November and December 2019.

These locks achieve the Sold Secure Diamond status and have the highest 3-star Kitemark rating.

Winter Security Tips

Here are Leeds Lock Doc‘s  tips to keep your property secure this winter.

  • Doors & Windows
    It is surprising how many homeowners are careless with basic security measures. Always lock doors and all windows including first floor windows. To increase security you can use security bars and anti snap locks.
  • Do Not Hide Keys
    There are lots of nights out during Christmas and New Year and there is a temptation to hide keys outside the door of your property. Assume that burglars are watching the house and never leave keys hidden outside of your house.
  • Time Switch / Smart Lights
    Simple things like making it look like someone is home can put a burglar off. If you arrive home late from work it is a good idea to set up timer switches or use a Smart system to turn on some lights.
  • Install a Security Alarm
    Another great way to put a burglar off is by installing and alarm system. Modern alarms include recording cameras which transmit to your mobile devices or your alarm can notify local authorities. An added benefit are that they can also recognise and alert if there is a fire or even high levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Light up Entrances
    The main benefit for a burglar during winter is the dark so installing motion sensor lighting removes this benefit and discourages them.
  • Keep Your Garden Tidy
    Keeping your garden tidy stops plants providing hiding holes and makes sure any cameras you have do not have obstructed views. If you have any combination locks on gates or garages ensure the combinations are changed regularly.

If you would like any further advice about winter security or you would like one of our free security checks to ensure your home is secure Contact Us today.