When you get home after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is get locked out of your house. Unfortunately, there are often problems that arise that can feel completely out of control, as Kelly recently found out. 

As professional locksmiths in Leeds, at Leeds Lock Doc, we respond to much more than just emergencies like burglaries. We offer a range of lock repairs and replacements, and we’re even contacted to deal with problems like Kelly experienced. With this customer’s permission, allow us to recount how we deal with one of the most common issues a locksmith will address. 

old key in door lock

The Problem

Kelly had known for a while that her front door lock was in need of replacement, but due to a busy schedule, hadn’t had the time to call out a locksmith to resolve the issue. This meant when she returned home one evening at the end of February, the lock that had been stiff and sticking for a while got stuck completely – with the key still inside. To get out of the rain, Kelly took her back door key from her keyring and went into her property before attempting to resolve the issue herself.

Unfortunately, trying to force the key only made matters worse and in the end she called the team at Leeds Lock Doc for assistance. We responded quickly and were at her property within thirty minutes of the initial call out. 

Service Provided

When we arrived, the problem was evident immediately. The key was firmly stuck and Kelly’s attempt to resolve the problem had led to the key bending, making it more difficult to deal with compared to a usual stuck key removal. We spent twenty minutes carefully removing the key and followed steps to avoid damaging the locking mechanism. Unfortunately, we discovered upon removal that recent wet weather and cold conditions had caused rusting inside the mechanism, and the damage was too extensive to leave unresolved.

After speaking with Kelly over a cup of tea, she agreed to let us change the lock on her front door, and while there we also checked the back door lock too but found it to be in perfect working order. We installed a standard Yale lock and provided new keys and the entire visit was completed within two hours. 


Due to our quick response and excellent service, Kelly was once again able to come and go from her home freely. Removing the stuck key and replacing the damaged lock also means that Kelly’s home is much more secure than it was before, with the durable Yale lock we installed offering more protection against a potential break in. We offered Kelly advice on keeping her new lock in good condition even during the worst times of the year regarding the weather, and we’re confident that her new lock will last for at least ten years before requiring a replacement – a standard estimate for most Yale locks. 

Because of the excellent and affordable service we provided to Kelly, she was quick to tell friends and family all about us, and we have been called out to many different homes around Leeds to deal with a variety of issues thanks to  word of mouth. Kelly agreed to let us share her story as she believes – rightfully so – that it perfectly highlights why lock issues should never be taken lightly and issues should be addressed promptly. 

outside door with key stuck in lock

Customer Testimonial 

“Leeds Lock Doc was great when dealing with my lock issue. They responded quickly, were extremely friendly, and clearly knew what they were talking about when it came to locks! I haven’t had any issues with my front door lock since they came and it’s great for my peace of mind that they checked my other locks while they were here too. I couldn’t recommend them enough and it’s really nice to know that Tom is a Leeds local himself.” 

If you need professional locksmith services, why choose anyone else? 

No matter what kind of issue you are dealing with when it comes to your locks or keys, at Leeds Lock Doc, we’re hoping this recount of Kelly’s service has been enough to show you why we’re rated amongst the top locksmith companies in Leeds! Get in touch with our team today for our high level of customer service and affordable pricing when dealing with any lock issue you may have. Want to know how we handle some of our other services? We also have a case study detailing how we helped another customer after a burglary, check it out now!